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Top Speed - De 20 km/h a 190 km/h. Triumph Bonneville T120 Black

Shout out to we're so proud of you and love you on mom and dad. Shout out to our beautiful Comes the home the uh the House, the Hillcrest Heights marching band and see them marching their way over.

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Doesn't work. That's a great mom. This is the bonneville nő search.

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We'll do one more. Thank you. I don't know if you could if you heard that was a highland uh marching band and they just see all that we love you.

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I love the uh sportsmanship. Of course, Hillcrest is coming off and been an excellent performance down in Utah.

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And I bet they're excited to uh be playing here on their home field at Thunder Stadium. The marching band for this twenty fire and ice, the music of the Gary Gilroy.

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We're marching band with drum majors and Russell storms drum majors is your band ready. Drum majors you may take the field. Oh, Go. Wow look at that crowd everyone clapping because see no that was a beautiful performance by the Hillcrest Knights Band.

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Mark Down like to offer thanks to their awesome grand parents Hillcrest bamboo construction tech comp holding Hampton Beach therapy and his speech very nicely done Hillcrest. We love watching our students sharing their skills and talents fearlessly, and that's exactly what we just watched there.