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Fraternity-Testvériség, By-Laws of the H. Election of Delegates Each branch having a minimum adult mem­bership of shall send one delegate to the Con­vention. Branches having more than members shall send one additional delegate for each multiple of members.

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Branches having less than members will be grouped in units of not less than and not more than members, and may jointly send one delegate. The grouping of these units will be arranged by the President of the Fed­eration according to geographical location in con­currence with the Executive Committee and with the approval of the Board of Directors. The dele­gates and alternates shall be elected by a plurality on separate ballots at a special meeting to be held no less than thirty, nor more than sixty days follow­ing the announcement in the official publication of the meeting date of the Convention by the Pres­ident as directed by the Board of Directors.

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Their names shall be certified to the President within meeting nő 62 days after the election. Each certification shall be accompanied by a copy of the minutes of said meet­ing, the names and certificate numbers of the mem­bers present at the meeting and their signatures.

The delegate and alternate must have been a member of the Federation and of the branch, or one of the branches of the group he is representing, for at least one year prior to his election, and must have fulfilled all his membership obligations.

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Alter­nate delegates elected shall fill vacancies of elected delegates in the order of the number of votes re­ceived. Branches formed within one year preceding the Convention shall be exception.

Officers or em­ployees of similar organizations or employees of the Federation cannot be delegates.

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The elected delegates shall constitute no less than two-thirds of the voting members of the Con­vention.

Election Irregularities In the event that any irregularity in the meth­od of convening of any meeting for the election of delegates and alternates or in the mode of egyetlen rostock ingyenes of said delegates or alternates or in the event a protest or complaint concerning the method of con­vening or election is received by the President, he shall forthwith request full detailed and notarized written reports from the officers of the branch and the person or persons filing complaints.

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Said re­ports shall be forwarded to the President within ten days by certified mail from the date of receipt of the request for same. Upon receipt of said reports, or in the event one or more reports shall not be re­ceived, the President shall convene the Executive Committee for consideration.

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The Executive Com­mittee shall report said matter to the Board of Di­rectors along with their recommendation. Should said Branch refuse or neglect to take such corrective ac­tion, the Board of Directors shall have meeting nő 62 authority to declare the election null and void.

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The action of the Board shall be reported to the Convention and may be appealed to the Convention. This decision may be appealed to the Plenary Ses­sion of the Convention, whose decision shall be final.

GB-BRi3-10110 (rev. 1.0)

If a quorum is not present at the first meeting, a second meeting meeting nő 62 be called at which those pres­ent, regardless of number shall constitute a quorum. The recommendations to the Convention adopted at the branch meetings must be attached to the list of the names and addresses of the elected delegates and alternates and the copy of the minutes of the branch meeting.

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I ask our dedicated Branch Managers and Branch Officers to hold the branch meetings and elect the delegates and alternates as required by our by-laws and to promptly mail the result of elections, copies of the minutes and branch resolutions to the Home Office, attention: President.