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Quote from: peterstock on Wed, 19 FebruaryI needed a new keyboard and I decided my trusty TypeMatrix could be improved upon. After some searching I found Jesse's Keyboard.

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I hope it's ok to do a one-off home-build that draws fairly heavily from another design? Very nicely put together! And yes, we all draw from each other as we're designing things.

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Especially for a one-off board, I don't think you need to feel at all guilty about picking the best stuff from other designs. I thought I'd post my first week's experience in case it's useful to you. I find the middle of the 3 thumb keys is the most comfortable to computertastatur know.

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The outer ones are next best, with the inner ones being least comfortable contrary to what I was expecting - especially for holding down. They're not so bad to press once, but it seems that holding keys shift, control etc. You can download the.

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DXF files in the OP to see how the positions of my thumb keys computertastatur know up with yours. Getting a layout that uses the thumbs for the modifiers has been a tricky problem.

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I've got something that I think works well for me. The modifiers on the left hand home row on Layer 1 are to use with the cursor keys, so neither hand has to move. The number row was dropped in favour of dedicated function keys and a numeric pad layout on Layer 2. Layer