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Anglais there are numerous damaging consequences, including the exploitation of immigrants through underpayment or, in some cases, non-payment. Anglais i congratulate anne van lancker for the singles50 társkereső. Anglais the commission regrets that, such underpayments, which do not result in any loss to the eu budget, are extrapolated to the whole of the expenditure in hongrois know a way as to increase the overall error rate, thus giving the incorrect impression that the error rate is an indication of the magnitude of the overpayment.

Anglais penalties can take the form of either monetary deterrents, for example a surcharge hongrois know additional tax imposed as a consequence of underpayment of tax in addition to the amount of underpayment, or other measures, for example, a reversal of the burden of proof where a taxpayer has not acted in good faith.

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Anglais i strongly believe that the principle of the correct pay is an incentive for the supply of quality services and i am completely against the existent tendencies to underpay the employees and the free movement of labour should not be restricted in any way in the european union.

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