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They were hardly enthusiastic about such practices, but usually did not condemn them either.

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In effect they seldom wrote about them at all. In this paper I am going to focus on the beginnings of such practices as incubation, book and lot divination, inquiring energumens and holy monks, with a focus on two questions, namely, What was the relation between relics and divination?

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Robert Wiśniewski earned his PhD at the University of Warsaw in with a thesis on the role of the devil in early Latin hagiography. He works on late antique Christian religious mentality and practice, although his attention is sometimes attracted by Gallic druids.

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Robert is currently writing a book on the beginnings of the cult of relics and is involved in a project on Christian divination in Late Antiquity. He is perplexed by the question of how it was possible to be well informed about the future and remain a good Christian.

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Remarks on an Early Testimony to free dating erfurt Cult of Relics. Are the Greeks guilty?

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Studia źródłoznawcze 10 A Sourcebook], Warsaw, Internal Roots of the Christian Incubation.