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Blarney Stone Acres is located on 25 beautiful acres in the wine country of Missouri. Proud to be members of our new community, we continue to enjoy our Gypsy Cobs and new friends by taking part in community events, parades, horse shows and just good ole fun trail rides.

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Blarney Sone Acres was established years before our journey into the Gypsy cob breed began in At that time there was very little research and information available regarding the breed. From the beginning, we have taken a hands on approach in doing extensive breed research and data collection in the US and abroad.

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We worked with over 25 foundation gypsy families in gathering history, pictoral, written, dna and társkereső brunswick documentation regarding the heritage of this horse. Read more Our farm is located on 25 beautiful acres in the wine country of Missouri.

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Blarney Stone Acres is a private facility, open for visits by interested buyers by appointment only. Gypsy horses sold at Blarney Stone Acres are bred from horses purchased from private Romany families in England who have been breeding these horses for generations.

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