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We use these technologies in order to learn your device and browser settings so that we can monitor your activity. We do this in order to be able to provide you with personalized advertising as well as to ensure and improve the functionality of the website.

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ECE can forward these data to third parties — such as social media advertising partners like Google, Facebook, and Instagram — for marketing purposes. Please visit our Privacy Policy see the section on Cookies for additional information.

Sziget játék know, you can also learn how we use your data e.

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You can reject consent by clicking on "Deny Cookies". If you do not accept this tracking, you will still be shown random ECE advertisements on other platforms.

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Functional Improvement of the website We use functional tracking in order to analyze how our website is used. These data help us discover errors and develop new designs.

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It likewise enables us to test the efficacy of our website. In addition, these cookies provide insights for advertising analyses and affiliate marketing. Required Access to the website We use cookies in order to enable the operation of the website and to ensure that specific features work properly, such as the option to log in or place a product in your shopping cart.

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This tracking is always activated since you would otherwise not be able to view the website or shop online. Would you like to know more about how ECE tracks you? Visit our Privacy Policy.

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