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A teljes jogszabály nyomtatásához valássza a fejlécen található nyomtatás ikont! Article II The participating governments will contribute funds to meet the costs of the project, as described below.

Every participating Government egyszer használatos support kufstein deposit the aforesaid funds, in convertible currencies of unrestricted use, to an account designated by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe at the Swiss Bank Corporation, Case postaleCH Genéve 2, not later than January of each year.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe shall establish a trust fund under the Financial Regulation and Rules of the United Nations for the receipt and administration of the aforesaid funds.

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Accordingly, personnel shall be engaged and administered; equipment, supplies and services purchased; and contracts entered into accordance with the provisions of such regulations, rules and directives. All financial accounts and statements shall be expressed in United States dollars.

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Article V 1. The trust fund shall be charged with expenditures incurred by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in the performance of project activities under this Agreement.

The trust fund will also be charged with thirteen 13 percent of all expenditures from the trust fund, which percentage shall be a charge for programme support services provided by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in the implementation of the project financed under the trust fund.

The trust fund will also be charged with an amount equivalent to one 1 percent of the remuneration or net salary of persons engaged by the executing agency, and whose engagement is financed by the trust fund, to provide a reserve for coverage of any claim egyszer használatos support kufstein service-incurred death, injury of illness, under the applicable United Nations regulations and rules or contracts, which reserve cannot be refunded to the participating Governments.

Article VI 1. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, shall commence and continue to conduct operations under this Agreement on the receipt of contributions. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe will not make any commitments above the amounts specified for expenditure in the project. If unforeseen expenditures arise, or if the amount of the annual contribution determined in Article IV paragraph 1 above, prove to be insufficient to meet the cost of the project, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe will submit a supplementary budget to the participating Governments showing the further financing that will be necessary.

If no such further financing is available, the assistance provided to the project under this Agreement may be reduced or, if necessary, terminated by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. In no event will the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe assume any liability in excess of the funds provided in the trust fond.

Article VII Ownership of equipment, supplies and other property financed from this trust fond shall vest in the United Nations. On the termination or expiration of this Agreement, the matter of ownership shall be a subject for consultations between the participating Governments and the executing agency.

Article VIII Evaluation of the project activities financed from this trust fond, shall be undertaken jointly by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the participating Egyszer használatos support kufstein periodically as appropriate. Article IX This trust fond shall be subject exclusively to the internal and external auditing procedures laid down in the Financial Regulations, Rules and directives of the United Nations.

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Article X The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe shall provide the participating Governments with the following statements and reports prepared in accordance with the United Nations accounting and reporting procedures: a an annual financial statements showing income, expenditures, assets and liabilities as of 31 December each year with respect to the funds provided by the donor Government; b a final report and final statement within six months after the date of expiration or termination of this Agreement.

The date of such notification shall be deemed to be the date of expiration of this Agreement, subject to the continuance in force of article XIV for the purposes there stated.

Article XII Any member State of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe as well as States having consultative status with the Commission and regional economic integration organisations constitute by sovereign States members of the United Egyszer használatos support kufstein Economic Commission for Europe which have competence in matters covered by the present agreement which desire s to participate in the project and consequently in this Agreement, shall so notify the Executing Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

The latter shall transmit a copy of this notification to the participating Governments. If no objection is received by the Executive Secretary within ninety days of his communications to the parties thereto concerning the intended participation, the State, or the organisation concerned will become a Contracting Party to the Agreement, subject to the execution of its obligations, inter alia, under article I. The Executive Secretary will inform the Parties accordingly.

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Thereafter, any surplus remaining in the trust fond shall be disposed of as indicated by the participating Governments. It provides the necessary framework for developing concrete activities by the PCO and the member countries in order to achieve a step forward in the general development of the TER organisation under the following topics: 1. Modernisation of the rail and combined transport infrastructure: - updating of the TER Network; - implementation of studies on TER line sections; - optimisation of TER co-operative activities; - evaluation of bottlenecks and measures for their elimination; - organisation of seminars and training courses; - co-operation of PCO and the member countries with other international fora for implementing infrastructure and financial planning in railway and combined transport; - development of relations between PCO and the member countries with private companies for obtaining financial inputs to the Trust Fund; - nyugdíjasok baráti társkereső oldalak of PCO towards participation at various conferences, seminars, etc.

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Development and utilisation of the databank: - implementation of studies or participation of PCO as subcontractor in carrying out studies on the TER lines by using the data collected and in co-operation with the member countries; - co-operation of PCO with the private sector obtaining additional funds for the Project based on the sale of selected categories of data; - continuing of maintenance and processing of data; - co-operation of PCO with other international institutions in charge with data collection.

Improvement and harmonisation of railway technique and technology: - organisation of workshops, seminars for the transfer of know-how and new technologies; - co-operation with other institutions for the modernisation of track maintenance, signalling and telecommunications, use of information technology, etc.